Billy Collins Introduction To Poetry Analysis

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What does it take to make a poem a poem worthwhile?
Every now and then readers come across a poem, of course there’s certain things to help make that poem a good one. Some may say that Billy Collins poem “Introduction to Poetry” is a fantastic poem, while some may not like it at all. So, let’s find out why some think it’s a fantastic poem. While Collins brings meaning to the poem “introduction to Poetry” through the use of form, tone, rhythm, and irony.
All poems have a way of being written known as the form. The poem “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins is written in a metaphorical way. Collins used many different metaphors in his poem. The metaphors show that there is more in a poem than just the words. For example, when
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The form of stanzas is what help and shape a poem. The stanzas in this poem are important because each stanza is a different metaphor of how poems should be looked at. Stanzas help writers to be able to write in short fragments throughout whatever it is they may be writing. Many different situations in this world have bits of irony in them, including poems. Billy Collins’ poem is a good poem to show an example of irony. Collins uses metaphors and similes which help him show irony. In that case, here’s an example of irony “but all they want to do is tie the poem to a chair with a rope and torture a confession out of it” (Collins lines 12-14). In that quote I feel as if it means we read a poem to find a meaning, instead of just reading the poem for casual fun. Of course, when I read a poem I also try to figure out what it means, but sometimes there’s not a meaning behind the poem other than just a short fictional fun thing to read. I believe the irony Collins is giving us is that yes, we should read the poem, enjoy it, then find a meaning to go along with the poem we just read. In conclusion every book, story, poem, movie or song has little bit of irony in it. While the one reading this should have learned a few things about the poem “Introduction to Poetry” by Billy Collins. While the one reading this should have learned about form, tone, rhythm, and irony while reading this paper. While reading you can see how different
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