Biodiversity. Biodiversity Is The Variability Among Living

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Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms from all sources including terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems. This includes diversity within species, between species, and ecosystems. The three main aspects of biodiversity include genetic diversity, species diversity, and ecosystem diversity. Biodiversity levels can change over time due to long-term natural processes including habitat loss. The importance of biodiversity is vital to all life on earth, determining extinction, evolution, and the fate of our planet’s ecosystems.
Genetic diversity is the key ingredient from which all other characteristics of biodiversity is developed. It refers to the variations between individuals of a species characteristics
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These countless species of plants, animals, and microbes affect our daily life in more ways than we know. Species diversity is truly a magnificent process since all species are connected one way or another continuing the cycle of life. Providing us with energy converted from sunlight and much more.There are over 1.8 million different species sustaining life on
Earth, from which 1 million are insects! The main spot for species diversity is in tropical rainforests, although tropical rainforests only comprise 7% of all land on Earth, they are home to
50% of all species on Earth! In some locations hundreds of species thrive while in others just a few have evolved this is called species richness. Species diversity is the result of long-lasting evolutionary changes which affect our planet’s daily life, which is why species diversity is a vital part to biodiversity. Each species has adapted to its own ecosystem or niche which is characterized by features such as temperature, light availability, food, and water. Allowing species to reproduce and thus maintain the population. Not only do species maintain population growth, but their everyday interactions within their environment also has a vital impact on environmental health. Such as bees taking pollen from flowers and continuing the growth and spread of flowers and plant life, while providing us with nutritious honey. Thus performing certain functions that allow the natural system to
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