Biography Of Ernest Everett, The Son Of Charles And Mary

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Ernest Everett Just, the son of Charles and Mary, was born in Charleston, SC August 14, 1883. During this time Cholera and diphtheria epidemics broke out, and black children were the main ones being affected by it. Soon after the birth of Ernest, his two year old brother and four year old sister passed away as a result of these diseases leaving him as the only child in the family for a short time. During his earlier years, the Just household was a very hectic and tense one. Many deaths were occurring in the family, Charles Just problems with multiple women and alcohol increased, and bills began to stack up. Barely four years old, Ernest father Charles Just died of alcoholism. Now with no income for the family, debts from housing and funeral expenses began to pile up on Ernest mother, Mary. In need of a way to support her family, she sold their house in Charleston and invested the money in real estate. Through fierce negotiations and pure determination, she created an island of her own and called it Maryville. Shortly after picking up and moving her family to Maryville, Ernest became ill with typhoid fever. After the fever passed, his memory had been affected so badly, he no longer had his reading and writing skills previously learned. Without sympathy, Ernest mother was very hard on him teaching him to gain his skills back. In the end Ernest taught himself while the other kids played by secluding himself and reading the bible. Ernest attended Fredrick Deming Jr. Industrial

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