Biography Of William Henry Gates IIi Essay

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Gates? William Henry Gates III was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955. He has always shown interest in computers since the age of 13 years old where he attended Lakeside School. Bill grew up in a upper middle class. He has two sisters named Kristianna and Libby. His mother’s name was Mary and his father was William Sir. Growing up Bill’s house hold was warm and close they were always encouraged to be competitive and strive for success. Bill was very close to his mother. Mary had a short career of being a teacher then later decided to stay at home with her children. Bill have always showed signs of be competitive and he also loved to read. He would read reference books such as encyclopedias.(Bio) Around 12 years Bill’s parents became concerned with his behavior he was doing good in school but seem to withdraw himself at times. At the age 13 Bill was enrolled in Seattle’s’ Prerparay Lakeside School. He did excellent in all his subjects. While attending school a Seattle company donated computers to the school. Bill became curious and entranced with the computer. Bill even designed a Tick-tac-Toe program for students to play against the computer. Bill right then knew his passion in life. While attending this school, he met his future partner Paul Allen. They both had their difference on things but they still were curious about inventing software. They both went in to business in1970 Bill was 15 years old. They developed a program called Traf-O-Data this was to
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