Biography of Agustin Recha Mora

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Agustin Recha Mora was born in May 1954, in Granada, Spain. He moved to Bilbao in 1967 and he is teaching as a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Bilbao since 1979. Recha Mora has been into a lot of contests and he has won many awards. Most of his work was for a reason, which is to show the importance of the loss. In this report, I will be analyzing the form, content and context of one of his works which is called Street towards Plaza Ercilla Moyúa and showing the intentions of Recha Mora.
To begin with the line, we can see that the artist used one point perspective in order to draw this painting. Therefore, this painting is consisted mostly from lines, we can see the lines in the center of the image that takes our eyes until the end of the road where we can notice the buildings. Moreover, there are a lot of horizontal and vertical lines in drawing the buildings and some of them in drawing the shops and windows of the building.
Value in this painting is used in many parts. The lower part of the painting, the artist played with the red color and changed the value to darker to show the damage more and this is creating texture in the painting. In the center of the painting, there is a change in the grey value to show the depth of the road and there is changing in the pink value in the upper left corner to show the reflection of the sun. In addition, we can notice a change in value in the squares on the sidewalk from grey to beige and we can notice that they are forming

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