Essay on Biography of Karl Marx

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Biography of Karl Marx Only in the course of the world’s history can a person born over a hundred years ago be as famous today as they were back then. Karl Marx is one person that fits this category. He paved the way for people of the same political background as his own. Marx’s ideas were unique and started uproar all over Europe. Marx helped write the Communist Manifesto one of the most important pieces of literature on Communism ever written. At one time people feared Communism as a power, which prompted Marx to write the Communist Manifesto and explain his ideas. How Communism should be used as type of government. He was seen as kind of an outlaw, having to move from country to country to avoid troubles with the local …show more content…

The Baron introduced him into Romantic literature and Saint-Simonian. Marx’s dad sent him to the University of Berlin for four years. While in Berlin he traded in his views of Romanticism to views of the Hegelianism, which ruled Berlin at this point in history. When Marx’s college career was cut short by the opposition of the Prussian Government he moved to journalism. Marx became the editor of the Rheinische Zeitung a liberal newspaper in Cologne, Germany in 1842. His views on economic questions made the Prussian Government uncomfortable and they closed the paper. This is where Marx first got his ideas of how classes make life harsh for certain people and the only way to fix this is to eliminate classes all together. After that Marx moved to France, where in a few months he became a communist. He developed his ideas in his writings, which he titled Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts. It was in Paris that Marx met his partner for life Friedrich Engel’s. Both of them moved to Brussels, and visited Engel’s family in England from time to time. During his time here he wrote The German Ideology for which he had studied history intensely to come up with a materialistic view of history. In the German Ideology Marx said, “The nature of individuals depends on the material conditions determining their production.”. This was his thesis for the German Ideology, which is the same as all of his others, the idea that class and

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