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Despite what it alludes to, Zone 4/Interscope Records rap signee Rich Boy insists his moniker is just a neighborhood nickname ("It doesn't stand for being rich or anything like that.") not a glimpse into his finances. Maybe so, but with the multifaceted talents that 21 year old Marece Richards possesses, his nom de plume will be even more fitting shortly with the release of his debut album, TBD?
Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Rich Boy grew up in a typical hood upbringing with both positive and negative influences. "My dad all he did was work all day." His father owns a liquor store in the middle of the hood and it's where Rich Boy witnessed dope fiends, drive bys and all types of mischief first hand. "Instead of having role models, I
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Within in a year Roy Jones Jr. had come upon one of his beat CDs and ended up purchasing tracks. "That was my first real step in the door as far as professional music is concerned," says Rich Boy. The first check was small but enough to make him start thinking he had a future in the rap business. After his freshman year he decided to step out on faith and leave school to pursue his dreams of becoming a full time producer. "I took the money I was supposed to use to pay for school and brought equipment with it," he reveals. "I took a big gamble".

Maybe a name like Rich Boy helped his odds? As a youngster he was influenced by Southern rap legends like UGK, 8-Ball & MJG, Crime Boss, ESG & Too Short. The rap scene in Mobile always thrived but he admits that getting on the radio is no easy task, keeping local artists just that, local. Undaunted, he would finagle his way into the local radio station (93 WBLX) by claiming to have an appointment with a station DJ in order to get by reception. "I decided to rap over one of my own beats and [try] to put in on the radio" explains Rich Boy. He eventually got his music into the hands of evening personality Nick at Nite, The Krunkmonster, who started playing Rich Boy's "Cold as Ice".

"After really listening to the song, he went crazy and started playing it every night," remembers Rich Boy.

Soon after, Atlanta based rap outfit Jim Crow

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