Biological Differences And Aggression Analysis

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When thinking about the differences between a man and a woman the first thought that comes to mind is the most obvious one. They differ biologically, which includes genetically, hormonally, chemically, and through their main hormones. To start, one must consider the difference between the terms sex and gender. Sex refers to the biological difference between males and females. The chromosomes of XX for females and XY for males, the reproductive organs of ovaries for females and the testis for males and the various hormones of estrogen for females and testosterone for males. Gender however refers to the societal differences that are imposed on by culture. Therefore, a person’s sex cannot change from birth, but their gender can. Although there…show more content…
It was shown that although women tend to use less addictive drugs, they become addicted quicker than males. In terms of aggression, men exhibit more aggressive behaviours than women, and women tended to be slower in displaying aggressive behaviour in situations where they needed to (Ngun, Ghahramani, Sanchez, Bocklandt, & Vilain, 2011). Although the role of the biological differences has started to have an influence with gender identity, the biological differences do influence our behaviour. The factors that affect addiction and aggression for example affect the self control and impulsivity people may exhibit. These factors all have an influence on the outcome of a psychological study and are therefore important to consider. Every single psychological study that is published in a reputable peer reviewed journal has to have information about the participants that were used in the study. One of the first items that is mentioned is how many males and females were used. The exact number is recorded. This brings into question the fact that if the differences between males and females were not important than why is it so pertinent to have that information clearly
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