Biological, Socio Emotional, And Cognitive Status

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There were different theorists that believed that with every behavior comes a reason behind it. These Theories include: Biological, Socio-emotional, and cognitive status. The subject was observed on Saturday 3rd, 2015 at 4 in the afternoon. Genaro Tijerino was born on January 14th, 2012, and he 's an American Hispanic three year old boy. He was born in Miami, Florida, his mother is an ESC Teacher and his father works for an import/export company. The subject has a close relationship with both parents, the family practices catholicism and as a ritual they attend church every Sunday. Both parents communicate with the child in both Spanish and English however he communicates mostly in Spanish. According to the parents, he does not attend a day care or school, he stays at his grandparents’ home and is taken care of by the mother’s aunt. He gets dropped off as early as 7:00a.m. and gets picked up by 6:00p.m. The mother had created a schedule where the child had a routine throughout the day, but the only source of communication the child had was with the mother 's aunt. His mother also mentioned that he does not have any sort of separation anxiety from either parents as they drop him off. The subject is potty- trained and knows how to follow directions. The mother has also stated that she has had complications with her delivery, but the subject was born in a healthy condition and there were no developmental delays observed. Genaro is a social child that is able to verbally

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