Biology : Biology Is The Study Of Life

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Biology is the study of life. It studies how living organisms live and behave. It also includes their anatomy in which they came from. To become a pharmacist, I chose Biology as my major rather than something like Chemistry, because I believe it is important to know all the aspects of how humans live in order to properly aid someone in need of medication. The human body is an important factor in determining what medication will be needed, but also the mentality of the patient. Climate change plays a major role on earth and how it will affect humans and thus, affects my career in the near future. Climate change can broadly be defined as the global changes in climate patterns. When breaking the words down, climate is how the weather in a certain place remains over many years. So, when there is a change, would it be a “good” or “bad” affect on earth? According to an article called Climate Impacts on Human Health, it states “These impacts threaten our health by affecting the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the weather we experience” (Climate Impacts On Human Health). They believe these changes in temperature, air quality, water, and agriculture will affect humans negatively.
The changing temperatures result in more hotter days than usual. This means that health will be at risk. Researchers stated, “Exposure to extreme heat can lead to heat stroke and dehydration, as well as cardiovascular, respiratory, and cerebrovascular disease…” (Climate Impacts On

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