Birdsong Analysis

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Birdsong is a first-person story about how a woman fell in love with a married man, and after some quarrels and conflicts, she found that her lover just used her for satisfaction, then she left him. For the theme of the story, it encourages women to break norms which are unfair and biased, whatever in the romantic relationship or in the workplace. In the paragraphs I chose, the author asked lots of questions about the unfair treat she experienced and the imbalance of their romantic relationship, those questions guide us to witness the process of how she maintained and developed her role as a woman, a lover and an employee.
The crucial part to reveal the inequality in their relationship is the question she asked herself after she found that her lover used the same joke to pleasure her and his wife. In the story, she said “Had he choreographed a conversation with her, nimbly made the joke about a ‘cock with a dick’ and then found a way to turn it into a shared endearment for the two of them?” (Adichie, 2010). She asked herself this question which means she previously heard he made this joke and enjoyed the attachment between them. Addition to this, when she found that joke was scripted and precedent, her heart because she realized that she was not special to him, she was not worthy to make effort to pleasure and love. This is the imbalance in their relationship. She sacrificed herself to love him, for example, acted like a girl he would love, and be the third-person who may

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