Bismarck And Kaiser Wilhelm 's Foreign Policy

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Maya Epstein Mr. LeRoy Honors History 1 21 October 2015 1. Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm were two German officials around the time of world war one. They both had foreign policies and they were both pretty different. Bismarck’s foreign policy had many aims. One of the aims was to leave territorial expansion behind. He unified Germany and to do so had to incorporate many other states into Prussia. He was also very much in favor of peace instead of war. He also never tried to strengthen the naval forces of Germany especially not to ruin the relationship with England. Next, he decided to keep France isolated as well as friendless so that could not start a war as revenge. He also focused on Germany 's relationship with Austria and Russia. He also distrusted Italy. Kaiser Wilhelm’s foreign policy differed from Bismarck’s in many ways. Whereas Bismarck did things based on logic Kaiser Wilhelm did things more based on emotion. This resulted in incoherence and inconsistency in the German relations with other nations. He wanted an empire that could rival the size of the british. He also managed to alienate the English by aggressively expanding the navy. He was more aggressive and wanted Germany to be the best. Their decisions were significant to World War one in many ways. One of the ways was it fueled European tension prior to the war. The different countries did not like some the things either of the leaders were doing, and that did not help much. Also, because of the already
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