Bjorn Lomborg : A List Of Problems

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Bjorn Lomborg brought forward what he believes the be a list of problems that plague the world in the order that they should be solves. Lomborg argues that malaria control, subsidies and trade barriers, malnutrition, and HIV/AIDS are the four problems which should take priority as they will have the most output for the amount of input. I do agree that in order to solve world problems you first must know how to approach them and which should be tackled first. I disagree with the purely economic perspective he takes as he believes that what can be earned in an economic sense trumps the overall world health and safety. Lomborg correctly addresses that this is an incredibly difficult situation, however I believe that world problems should be…show more content…
This decision shows that they perhaps did not have the majority of the world in mind when they came to their decision. There also seems to be an issue with placing climate change at the bottom because it simply will not do that much in return. The fact is that even if the current climate change solutions would only set back flooding by approximately six years, six years can still make a massive difference. In those years advances can be made and more can be done to save the world. Six years can still be enough to save millions of lives. There is also the fact that it is just the current technology that can buy six years. If nothing is put towards climate change then all that we will ever have is that current technology that Lomborg believes will do so little. But say that instead of pushing money towards free trade, some is put towards advancing technology so that it can improve, even just a small amount. However many years we can set the impact back will benefit the world as a whole, and it will perhaps give us more time to solve the rest of Lomborg’s problems. A question remains to be answered by Lomborg. How would climate change impact each of his other problems? It isn’t hard to say that water purity and the general amount of drinkable water would decrease. It is decreasing as we speak due to economically prosperous companies. As the air purity decreases, disease and poor health will

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