Black Arts Dinner Narrative Report

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Hey Af-Lat-(F)Am,

Happy Almost Friday!!

To make sure y’all ready for this weekend, below is an schedule of what’s going on.

- Don’t order Domino’s tonight and come to Commons for a special Black Arts Dinner (2 desserts!!)

- Ashely Scott’s CAMD Scholar Presentation: Instead of a meeting, come to Kemper at 6:30pm to watch Ashley present her research about Spirituals and the Inversion of the African-American Church

- Film and Dance Workshops: From 11:30am to 1:30pm come to Kemper to meet _____ and _____ learn about their respective experiences being in the worlds of dance and film!
- Black Arts Talent Show and Social: In the Underwood Room from 6pm to 8pm there’ll be a Black Arts talent show featuring SLAM,
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