Black College Fund Reflection

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It is always a pleasure to travel in lieu of God, his grace, and the Black College Fund. After four years, I still find new ways to love the Black College Fund ever more. I could never thank Dr. Hopson and Mrs. Crystal enough for extending the opportunity to network, share God’s love and the miraculous work of the Black College Fund in the lives of students across the world. This year was yet another year of awesomeness.
First things first, Nashville. For the record, I will always be open to work in the Black College Fund office, because it is absolutely my favorite place. Every year I gain new skills and valuable knowledge about its operation and the church. This year, thanks to Dr. Hopson, I discovered how the funds are distributed. I …show more content…

I don’t care how old I get, traveling with Dr. Hopson will always be intimidating, because she’s watching. She’s listening and expecting nothing but the best. However, with her, you meet the biggest and brightest shining stars. General Conference was the perfect networking opportunity, and a chance to see all of God’s children assemble for the work of his kingdom. From Africa University’s performance to Higher Education Night, General Conference was full of praise and bustle. Did I forget to mention our BCF table? We took to the floor with BCF paraphernalia and worked the audience, all while thanking them for supporting our education. It was certainly a joy to work together and to hear people ask for more. The greatest time during the conference was lunch with Dr. Haywood L. Strickland. His kindred spirt and humorous character was easy to follow and love. I’ll never forget his dear words as he talked about his struggle to the top, “I was getting just what I asked for from God, nothing more, nothing less. Then, I realized I needed to ask for …show more content…

It was the first time that I felt God’s presence at an annual conference. As odd as it may sound, it is true. Bishop Chow tipped off the conference with an open dialogue about the state of the church. Of course I debated with the young man next to me that it was our inability to attract and keep youth. I argued that our traditional structure has built a fence too high for millennials and screenagers (Generation Z) to climb; making them feel boxed in and unwelcomed. But Bishop Chow quickly proved us wrong. His diagnosis was that the Holy Spirit had left the church. Because we’ve become so entangled with who we are, the Holy Spirit cannot move within the church. He asserted that new programs and initiatives cannot fix a dead church; that we must loosen the chains that we’ve given ourselves so that we can fully praise God. Only then, will his people draw near. I could feel God move amidst the hearts of the conference.
That spirit poured over into the BMCR luncheon where the speaker addressed the state of the black church. He talked about the dire need for us to bring the black church back to the center of our community during the racial war the world is facing. He also expressed that wealthy and powerful African-Americans often neglect to see the struggles of their communities, because they no longer share the “those” struggles. They forget to reach back and build

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