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Who developed mathematical formulas that could calculate celestial and weather patterns? 2. Who founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church?
3. What famous jazz musician is famous for puffing up his cheeks?
4. Who was the first Black woman to drive a U S Postal stagecoach?
@5. Name the first Black to win an elected office in the U. S.
6. Booker T. Washington had dinner with what American president?
7. Who were the Kansas City Monarchs?
8. What is Hoppin ' John?
9. What actor & rapper starred in the movie Men In Black?
10. Representative Maxine Waters represents what state?
The Black Heritage Trivia Game Section 4 Page 2
Section 4 Page 2
11. What month is Black History celebrated?
12. "Thrilla in Manila" refers to what
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Who is the publisher of Black Enterprise magazine?
@59. Who played the role of the heavyweight champ Jack Johnson in the movie The Great White Hope?
60. Who was the first African American NBA basketball general manager?
@61. The first African American priest and bishop in the United States was?
62. When is Kwanzaa observed?
@63. Who wrote the popular book Waiting To Exhale?
64. How many years did Matthew Henson and his group search for the North Pole?
The Black Heritage Trivia Game Section 4 Page 7
Section 4 Page 7
65. The abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison published what antislavery newspaper?
66. Where is Florida A & M University located?
67. Before it became Morehouse College, what was this famous school named?
68. Name the activist who coined the phrase "Black Power."
69. Who was the first Black U.S. Army officer to lead an army division?
70. Who was the first African American woman candidate for President of the United Statesin 1972?
71. Phillipa Schuller, a child prodigy and concert pianist, lost her life while entertaining troops in what war?
72. Morgan and Marvin Smith were award-winning professionals in what occupation?
@73. Whom did Jack Johnson defeat to become the first African American boxing champion ofthe world?
74. Writer Zora Neale Hurston was born in what state?
75. Opera singer Marian Anderson made her debut in what opera?
The Black Heritage Trivia Game Section 4 Page 8
Section 4 Page 8
@76. The play Lost in the Stars was
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