Slavery And The Black Race

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Slavery and the black race in America cannot be separated since slavery is a big part of the history of African Americans from the 18th century to early 20th century. There are many issues to consider about slavery and the lives of the slaves at the period. One of those issues is the role played by women slaves in the societies of the time. Deborah White writes about how women slaves had a different life compared to the other white women and compared to the male slaves. However, it is the statement that White made that suggested that when it came to black women, then it was impossible to separate their race and sex from them that is of much concern. In that, perceptions of a black woman were based on the fact that she was a woman and at …show more content…

What the above acts meant was that the white men saw black women slaves as just women who did not have what their white counterparts had and that they were more of a ‘subspecies’ to the other women. All the black women slaves were was just sexual instruments and women who were willing to be taken advantage of with no questions asked. On the same note, in the Antebellum South, Black women slaves were the assurance that slavery will continue since they were made to act as the incubators for future children who would be slaves for the generations that would follow.
The Mammy According to White (17), the mammy was the paternalistic ideology given to the black women slaves who were willing enough to serve their masters’ each and every whim. They were grateful for the generosity of their masters and were ready to show their gratitude in any way possible. According to White (22), the Mammy was either very wise or also very stupid in the eyes of the white individuals. But the commanding myth about these women was that they were foolish and their actions at many times led them into comic situations. The caricatured nature of the black slave woman was more of a fictitious character since the white individual needed it to look like they were generous to the black women for making them their slaves and that

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