Black Men And Public Space Essay

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In the news we hear stories about how another black male have been sent to prison. The big question that most people ask is “why?” He was selling drugs. A petty crime like that gets a black male at least 10 years in prison. Whereas, a white male selling drug gets probation. African American are portrayed as thugs who either sell drugs or are always in the streets terrorizing people. For instance, in the article, THE FIGHT FOR BLACK MEN, by Joshua Dubois. A man named Joe, who lived in a typical african american life style was fatherless. At a young age, he started to use narcotics. Later on, he was caught by the police and was sent to jail. Where he met someone that taught him the knowledge on how to sell drugs in the streets. This lifestyle is the stereotypical lifestyle of Black males or Black people in general. People assume that ‘ALL’ African Americans are the same. In another article, Black Men and Public Space, by Brent Staples; the character describes his first encounter with racism when he was behind a white woman, who thought he was going to rob her. So, she started to run. He mentions that just because he was wearing baggy clothes and black, she automatically thought the worst of him. Another stereotype for Black males is that they are not educated. In Black Boys in Crisis: The School-To-Prison Pipeline, it states that dropouts (mostly black kids) are going to be incarcerated at one point in their life. In this article, it states the statistic percentage of how

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