Black Men And The Civil War

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Sometimes history just makes absolutely no sense for instance it is said that all men were created equal and yet African Americans and slaves are treated badly and have absolutely no say in the government, they aren’t even considered a citizen, Even freed “Black men” have very little rights, another fine example why things in history makes no sense is that women were treated as second class citizen but then during Jefferson’s time women were one of the most important roles in the white house. Abraham freed slaves also makes no sense during the civil war period he said that slaves under his control were freed but the north didn’t support slaves and the south didn’t see Abraham as a president so he freed no one. Jefferson did many things that make no sense but one of them was when he purchased Louisiana from France he bought it with no permission and Jefferson was the one who was all against breaking the rules. One of the things that makes no sense is that the United States said all men were considered equal but black men were not considered as citizens of the U.S. they weren’t even considered as men instead they were considered as property of the owner and they were free to punish them at any time, owners can even kill their slaves and get away with it without getting into deep trouble. In a colony with a constitution that says “All Men are Created Equal” it doesn’t live up to its name. Though most slaves were African American some were Indians along with Irish people both

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