Black or White

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The ongoing struggle to fight the skin color prejudice in the contemporary American society is portrayed in Michael Jackson’s song “Black or White.” Whereas the racism is defined as a superior behavior against other race-thus making it inferior, the singer refers to this term as “See, it’s not about races, just places, faces, where your blood comes from is where your space is.” Michael Jackson, one of the most influential artists in the music industry, calls for equality in how people view and behave towards each other. The question, which this master thesis investigates, does it matter if you’re black or white, is clearly answered by the singer: “It don’t matter if you’re black or white.” Jackson was trying to influence his society to …show more content…

So – the race and color of your skin does matter in modern times. My analyses of selected books, academic journals, films and music video will concentrate and argue if Americans indeed discriminate against race or if it is history and no longer exists in American life. First, I would like to take into consideration the iconic Michael Jackson, one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest singer and performer of the 21st century. Not only his songs deserve a closer look, but also his lifestyle – ideas, fears and the public opinion. “Black or White” by Michael Jackson and Bill Bottrell is a one of the greatest singles in Michael’s career. It was released on November 11, 1991. What inspired Michael to particularly select these two topics? Black or white – as implied in the song, he sings about skin color. Songs starts in Africa, possibly showing Jackson’s “beginning” – he is black. In one of the scenes, Michael sings “I ain’t scared of no sheets; I ain’t scared of nobody” - while he is walking through fire images – which is being compared to KKK and its torch ceremonies. Here, he is portraying his painful vision of KKK and its vision. Later, the performers sing “I’m not gonna spend my life being a color.” What a great statement. Michael, throughout his whole life and his career, shows us his inner and constant fight for a non-racial

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