Blakeslee's Out-Of-Body Experience

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According to Blakeslee (2006), in her article, “Out-Of-Body Experience? Your Brain Is to Blame” that out-of-body experience has big connect with brain (Angular gyrus). An example that Blakeslee uses to support the concept of Out-of-Body Experience where talks about women, who turned her head to the right when they checked her language areas. This example of Dr. Blanke’s lab that shed light by Blakeslee (2006) in paragraphs 12-16 is a great one in that it gives, in a perfect way, how the brain has a big role to stimulating one of the most important region. It is language areas. The example is coherent. Furthermore, she gives us the conversation among Dr. Blanke’s and the women in her article (paragraphs 12 and 13). That is, shows for us how
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