Blessed Chiara Badano : The Characteristics Of An Epic Hero

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All around the world, children read stories of epic heroes and heroines. They dream of becoming one, but never really think they are brave enough, selfless enough, humble enough. But the truth is, if they live each day better than their last, and live ultimately with love in their heart, they can have what it takes to be somebody’s epic hero. “I have nothing left, but I have my heart, and with that I can always love.” A heroine receives help from a higher place, is courageous, and is humble before a greater power. At 17 years, Chiara Badano contracted osteosarcoma in her shoulder. But through her devotion to God, she remained brave yet humble during her tortuous treatment. Blessed Chiara Badano embodies the characteristics of an epic heroine because she was humble, courageous, and received supernatural help from the Lord. Blessed Chiara Badano was a humble servant of God, for she never whined or complained about her lot in life. She showed humility even though she endured painful surgery as treatment for her cancer. Every time she would undergo another surgery, no matter the pain, she knew that God had not forsaken her, saying each time, “For you, Jesus; if you want it, I want it too!”(Bodenschatz). No matter the torture, no matter the agony, Chiara Badano would shout out her love of Christ to the world. It did not matter how much suffering she was drowning in, she never forsook her savior. If her pain was God’s will, so too, was it Chiara's. By never giving up, by

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