Blood Donation : One Of The Many Lasts

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Blood Donation One of the many lasts in my life. Driving? Check. First dance? Check. First job? Check. First time donating blood? Not checked, that is until recently.
Due to the required age, blood donation has always eluded me. That is until the stars aligned in the most perfect opportunity. The passing of another year for myself, finally at an eligible age for donation: 16, and the assignment of a project that required me to do something of which I have never done. Unwaivered in my resolve to donate, enthusiastic about the thoughts of saving lives, and having nerves of steel when thinking of the steel needle that would be injected into my arm. That is until the day of my donation. Entering the doorway and receiving seemingly packets …show more content…

The prick, a lightening bolt in my hand, though painless after the initial shock only caused myself to fret the infamous needle soon to come.
Small talk is something I have never been good at and while dreading my turn to donate my ability with the art was no doubtable worse. I would be impressed if I was making coherent sense. While sitting in the uncomfortable, pale blue chair I contemplated the possible moves I had left. Could I just say I was no longer interested and leave or just simply walk out while their backs were turned? I thought back to my initial excitement, the enthusiasm of saving lives and my unwavering determination to donate and check another first off my list. I was able to calm myself and relax for nearly 10 minutes, entering a bliss that I thought would never end. Of course it did, at exactly the moment when I was called from the room that was no longer tiny and cramped but now cozy and safe.
Walking out of the examination room I entered a large area the wall lined with beds connected to all sorts of high-tech machinery. I was laid down on a bed that propped me up, something that I can only describe as a recliner chair that is reclined out. To my left was an older woman, no less than 50, whose donation was underway as a foreign machine to myself rocked back and forth while the blood flowed from her arm to the blood bag.

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