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Adult baseline observations : Blood pressure The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on a chosen experience that I have identified as requiring more knowledge to complete this skill competently. I have chosen to do my learning contract on adult base line observation – blood pressure. The reason I have chosen this skill is because my first experience of taking a blood pressure was not a positive experience and to this day I still get nervous taking someone’s blood pressure. I can do the skill confidently now but feel I need to understand the theory around it to communicate the findings with the woman. When I was first learning to take someone’s blood pressure in intensives I was put down in front of our group by a tutor. I feel…show more content…
This is a measurement of the pressure exerted on the arteriole walls when the blood in the arterioles is at its highest pressure which is immediately after the heart has contracted. A rise in blood volume or a rise in force from the contraction rises the systolic pressure, a decrease in the arterial wall elasticity will also rise the systolic number. The opposite of these will lower the systolic number (Johnson, Taylor, 2010, p. 42). The diastolic arteriole pressure measurement is obtained by measuring the pressure in the arteries when the heart is refilling with blood. At this time the heart is resting and is between beats (American heart association, 2014, para.2). Johnson and Taylor also state (2010,p.43) that most woman have a normal blood pressure during pregnancy but the diastolic number can decrease in the first and second trimesters then return to normal from the middle of the pregnancy. Although some women can develop a hypertension disorder called pre-eclampsia which can be very dangerous for both mother and baby. (Johnson, Taylor, 2010, p. 47). For a healthy blood pressure the recommended adult ranges are shown below Table 1. Recommended blood pressure ranges (Blood Pressure UK association, 2008, para.5). Blood pressure can vary from person to person, there are also other factors that can influence a fluctuation in blood pressure such as temperature, time of day,

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