Blood Transfussion and Homosexuality

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If you were in dire need of a blood transfusion, would you care the sexual orientation of the person who donated the blood? Maybe if you were a homosexual male and your child was injured and needed blood, do you feel you should be able to donate? I personally believe that blood donations don’t have a sexual orientation. If my child was in need of blood, I should be able to donate my blood, or use the blood of anyone who donates blood, gay, straight or anything in-between. The fight against this ban on “gay blood” is quite controversial. The idea that lives could be saved if additional people were allowed to donate and are not allowed baffles me.
There are many reasons why I believe the restriction on this are wrong. First off, the HIV / AIDS epidemic is over for the most part. People understand what HIV / AIDS is more so then they did in 1977 (Placeholder1). Next, “Gay blood” and “straight blood” as some people say are still both rigorously tested for diseases including HIV / AIDS (Blood Testing| American Red Cross pp. 1). Also, Males that have had sex with another male (MSM) anytime in their life can be banned from giving blood anywhere from no deferral in some countries to indefinite in most (Seed, Kiely and Law pp. 5). A female who have had sex with a male who has had sex with another male is on an up to 1 year deferral. Finally, Blood shortages are common (NBC News). The extra donations of blood would seriously help with the overall amount of blood available to all

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