Blooms Taxonomy Strategy

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The grade level of my choice is 9-12 graders the subject area is social studies. It is very important for a teacher to allow all students the opportunities of learning and for all students to reach the same understanding of the material that is being taught. Each student has a right to be educated as well as learns according to the way they comprehend information. As a new teacher, they should understand how to distinguish and separate these students who learn in different styles. According to the state of North Carolina, common core is what teachers should design content for students in special education by using steps from Blooms Taxonomy strategy. This lesson strategy deals with different levels of thinking starting with the lower level to higher levels of thinking concerning students. Special-education students who are unfamiliar with a lesson the teacher should start with lower levels before moving these students to higher levels. Blooms Taxonomy has different levels that will encourage student’s ability to think and to comprehend information during classroom activities. Nevertheless, teachers should recognize that the knowledge process if…show more content…
This activity will allow a student to research our first black president and get to know him better. In this activity, the student will read Barack Obama’s biography that is listed online and create their own questions concerning what they would like to know about the president. This challenging assignment will teach students about Obama’s childhood, education, and political career before he became our President. After complete research, they will complete a one-page report concerning what they have to learn. Students with the different learning system can get the audio tapes and listen to his biography. Visual learners can watch videos and complete this
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