Blue Devil Is Based On True Events

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BLUE DEVIL is based on true events. While stories about sexual abuse are not new to the industry, this is a story that needs to be told. The story sends a potent message about the aftermath of sexual abuse and the stigma it holds. The story is driven by themes about justice and redemption.

However, to be successful, the structure needs to be further developed and reorganized to provide for a more powerful storyline.

The current structure hinders the storytelling and feels fragmented. One concern about the presentation is the lack of a well-identified protagonist that drives the story. The script opens as if this is James’ story to tell. The first half of the script focuses mainly on James’ and his inner emotional turmoil and struggle …show more content…

It would benefit the script to reorganize the events. The idea of the lawsuit and the investigation into the cover-up is very compelling and would definitely make for a solid film. It’s this part of the story that is the most engaging.

However, the script needs to be restructured. First, select whose story is going to be told. It can be Scott’s story or Doyle’s story. It can be structured similar to the films PHILADELPHIA or A CIVIL ACTION.

The story could actually open up with the suicide of James and then Scott learning about the suicide. At the funeral Scott is determined to get justice (goal) and there’s conflict among the men about filing a lawsuit or not. Some will support it and others won’t. This will create good conflict. Keith will have to tell his family.

Maybe Scott approaches Doyle, who could be initially reluctant to take the case, but then he’s locked into the quest. This would be the first act break.

Act two would focus on the quest for justice, as they investigate the allegations and look for evidences. The courtroom side of this story is so powerful and creates good tension with the initial dismissal of the court case, which elicits great indignation for the audience. The attorney finding a loophole to bring the case back to the courtroom is clever and inspirational. The investigation/courtroom story is fascinating and definitely can be compelling, but only if structured more effectively.

In the second act, create a strong all is

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