Blue Ridge Parkway Case Study

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As portrayed in the cover picture the Blue Ridge Parkway will be where the new structure designed motel. The Blue Ridge Parkway is 496 miles long, constructed on June 30, 1936 and is managed by the U.S. National Parks Service. The experience of driving through North Carolina is unlike any other, slow-paced and relaxing drive revealing stunning long-range vistas and close-up views of the rugged mountains and pastoral landscapes on the Appalachian Highlands. It includes a diversity of plants and wildlife, which are protected. The location of the Motel will be near Asheville, North Carolina. The motel will have a great scenic view so any driver-passing buy who is tired of driving will surely want to take a rest here. Also, since the motel is going to energy efficient, it will be considerably cheaper to stay for a night or two. The motel will be fully sustainable and will include …show more content…

Septic tanks are designed to treat and dispose of specific volume and type of wastewater in the conditions found at the site. A routine maintenance important, the septic tank must eventually be pumped out or be released into the soil as an organic fertilizer. The septic tank will be designed as followed, determine the lowest elevation of the site. Next, excavate the in at the lowest elevation for the tank location. After placing the tank in the ground connect all pipes from motel to tank and tank to distribution system. The way that tank will work it will require minimum maintenance, because it will seep most of waste to the ground for organic supplement. Also since it is at a low elevation it will not affect the ground water that would be used from the higher elevation. As portrayed in Figure 1, the septic tank will follow an almost replica of that design, but instead of pipes distribution, it will have a seepage tank to release the waste into the ground. In reality the septic tank will follow the same format as shown in figure

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