Bmw 4 Series Case Study

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Once again, The Ultimate Driving Machine delivers high-end performance with their 4 Series at BMW of Oyster Bay. There’s something for everyone in this popular Series that ranges from Coupe to Convertible to Hatchback. The sleek, sporty design with tight steering makes for a magical ride. All Wheel Drive and Turbo are options that enhance the joy. With a MSRP price range from $43,300 to $51,450, the 4 Series blends sporty with comfort while sparing the gas.

The 4 Series may have evolved out of BMW’s 3 Series, but over the years it’s carved out its place in the line up /realm. It’s characteristic low chassis allows the car to hug corners, making it popular with drivers. The sloped roof on the hard top maintains the sporty look and takes …show more content…

More safety, precision and smooth sailing: BMW’ s bailiwick
Each year, BMW tweaks and improves its engine precision and now the smooth handling of this popular model has only gotten better. The eight-speed automatic transmission makes it a smooth ride. Front and Rear anti-roll bars are standard on the fixed-roof coupe to improve safety.

But they don’t stop there, steering, suspension and brakes all got upgrades. The engineers at BMW upgraded the brakes with a quicker-responding antilock brake actuators that shorten stopping distances by several feet. BMW has also rolled out an advance damping technology on preload shock absorber pistons, which allows better low speed carriage/body control wider tuning options. (Not available on the convertible.) Improved lateral and longitudinal improves create a stiffer/stronger suspension as standard equipment. The result is nimble steering and controlled in-line stability.

Easy to Drive, Easy to Ride
When a smooth and easy ride, it’s time to stretch out and enjoy the easy-on-the-eyes colors. This year’s model offers three new upholstery and trim colors to offer personalized options. The seats are covered in easy-to-maintain SensaTec upholstery, with the option for heated front seats. 10-way power front driver memory for exterior mirror and seat positions is standard. The sportier steering wheel is covered

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