Bob As A Role Model

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A role model can vary from a family member to a stranger. In the case of the book Shane, Bob discovers that his role model is a cowboy who had never been seen around town before. Bob is a young boy trying to figure out what role he wants to become as a man. Many believe as young boys the father is always the role model, but sometimes that is not the case. As a parent though there should be no judgment on who the child looks up to because a majority of the time it is just a phase. In the book, Shane Bob looks up to Shane. It is from the role model relationship between Shane and Bob that the reader sees Bob grow.
In the beginning of the story Shane comes to the family farm in a mysterious way, it took the entire family off guard. Bob seemed
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Another situation that is important to reaffirming Shane, as Bob’s role model is when Bob begins to notice changes in Shane. Between eating meals, playing board games or even working on the farm Bob began to notice changes in Shane. Many of the changes were observations in his attitude. Bob began to realize that Shane began to become less tense, and more comfortable living with the family (Schaefer 42). This specific scene makes the reader realize that Bob not only looks up to Shane as a role model but cares for him also. Due to the emotions, it can cause Bob to look up to Shane as more of a father figure.
Bob begins to compare then his father, Joe to Shane. He does this in his head. Begins to pick apart the similarities and differences between the two men. Throughout the story, Bob realizes major differences between his father, Joe, and Shane. For instance, when Shane and Joe were pulling up the stump. Through this interaction, Bob was able to see the similarities and differences between the two (Schaefer 18). Each scene of comparison begins to prove that Shane is Bob’s role
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Bob's admiration upsets Shane because he does not believe that he should be admired. Shane tells Bob to look up to Joe, because Joe is his father, and that is the path he should want to live. The reader can only imagine how much this hurts Bob. When someone is told that they are another individual’s role models, a person feels honored. The reaction related to being admired was the opposite. Shane did not want the attention and believed that he does not deserve the attention. Also, Shane knows that he will be leaving soon, and he believes that it is not fair to Bob for him to go along with being his role model. Shane wants better for Bob, which in his opinion is looking up to Joe. He seems to think it is more realistic for Bob and is a better choice. Bob is convinced that Shane is his role model but also understands that his father is a
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