Bobby in Rush Review Essay

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Bobby was a business man with black hair and brown eyes, since he was a businessman he was expected to wear a black suit with a white shirt, he also needed to wear a tie to make the look all the more classy. Being the business man he needs to visit many different parts of the world for meetings.
Bobby was running late for a meeting in Mississauga. Bobby lives in New York. The conclusion to this story was rather unexpected.
Bobby decided to take the Super Express so he could make it in time for the meeting. The Super Express is the fastest train in the world!
Bobby waited in queue to buy a ticket for the train ride. Riding the fastest train in the world coast a lot of money, good thing Bobby was a rich man.
Bobby immediately ran to the train as soon as he got his ticket because the speakers declared the departure of the train to be due in 5 minutes. When he reached the train he looked for his seat and sat down on, what he could say was the most comfortable seat he had ever sat on in his life!
A lady’s voice was heard through the speaker in the train. “The train is ready to depart, please put on your seatbelts. I repeat, please put on your seatbelts.” Bobby’s amazement was reflected on his features, he actually understood what was being blared through the speakers!
“This is the fastest train in the world; I should take cautions and put on my seatbelt.” He said to no one in particular.
When the train was half way to its destination, Bobby heard a crackling noise and the…

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