Body Language : Is It Important Way That Helps People Understand Others?

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Body Language is one of the important way that helps people understand others even though they are facing a stranger. Body language can be divided into sight language, eye contacting, posture, gesture,manner, facial expression and movement.Now that Naheed Nenshi is elected to be a mayor in the Calgary, he must have some attractive features that arouse people to vote for him. Body language that used by him is one of them. This nonverbal communication is influenced by people’s thoughts, feeling and psychology. Nenshi’s body language plays a positive role as he spreads his idea through media. In a word, Naheed’s body language helps to improve people’s approval. The affection of Naheed Nenshi’s body language not only reflected by people’s approval, but also shortening the distance between the officer and citizen by establishing a friendly atmosphere.


During this interview, with body language that Naheed Nenshi used, interviewer or Audience can get what Naheed Nenshi wants to show. At the beginning of the interview, around 0:36 to 0:38 minutes, he had a big, toothy smile with closing eyes. Smiling means happy and people with good smilling face always let others feel comfortable.In the research, it shows that “open smile emphasizes happiness, and to trigger happy reactions in others”. It displays Nenshi created a friendly atmosphere at the beginning of the interview so that audience would give him a good impression. Smiling not only let himself feel

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