Bodybuilding Anabolics Essay

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Bodybuilding Anabolics/ Prohormones Testosterone Boosters SUB-TEST 120 MELT TABS Take a serving of Sub-Test Melt-Tabs two times daily. Refer to the chart below to determine your serving size. Take your first serving before breakfast and the second serving one hour before you work out. On non-training days take one serving before breakfast and the other serving approximately the same time of the day you would normally be training. Dissolve the Melt-Tabs in your mouth completely and then swallow. Follow this with an 8 oz glass of water. Do not take within 4 hours of sleep. Do not take more than 10 Melt-Tabs in a 24-hour period. Day 1 to 3: Regular Use: 1 Melt-Tab 2x Daily Pre-Competition Use: 3 Melt-Tabs 2x Daily. Day 4 to 6: Regular Use: 2 Melt-Tab 2x Daily Pre-Competition Use: 4 Melt-Tabs 2x Daily. Day 7 ; Beyond: Regular Use: 3 Melt-Tab 2x Daily Pre-Competition Use: 5 Melt-Tabs 2x Daily. Pre-Competition Use refers to training period specifically targeted for bodybuilding or fitness competition. For Maximum Effect: Sub-Test is not a supplement you take one a daily basis. For maximum effect it has to be ?cycled.? Take Sub-Test for 20 days and then go on an ?off cycle? for 10 days without taking it. Therefore in a single month you would be taking Sub-Test…show more content…
After 90 days (three months) of continuous ?cycled? use a 30-day cessation period is recommended. More advanced users will normally begin using iSatori?s Isa-Test Natural Testosterone Formula after a 90-day cycle of Sub-Test to therapeutically help turn
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