Magical Realism In Bone Gap By Laura Ruby

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Bone Gap by Laura Ruby takes readers on a journey of magic realism in the small town of Bone Gap, Illinois. This young adult novel features brothers, Sean and Finn O’Sullivan, as they struggle through feelings of rejection and loneliness due to continuous abandonment. When the beloved Roza mysteriously disappears, it only adds to the previous loss of their father and desertion of their mother. As the novel progresses, the line between reality and fantasy blurs while a determined Finn strives to find Roza. Unfortunately, Finn cannot remember the face of the kidnapper. Despite this, Finn continues his quest to deliver Roza from the dangerous kidnapper, but while doing so, Finn uncovers a magical secret. This magical secret questions truth …show more content…

From the beginning, the corn’s descriptions include sounding “alive alive” (p 6) and “whispering here, here, here” (p 291). Ruby’s depiction of the corn arises more uncertainty and questions if the corn is only personified or if it is, in fact, magical. These events are two of the many that create confusion between what is real and make-believe and thus, are never fully explained throughout the course of the story. Along with the supernatural effect, Bone Gap also includes a diverse range of characters that add to the exciting storyline. Although the main characterization of the townspeople is typical small-town busybodies, the primary characters of the novel present unique characteristics and personal backgrounds. As an illustration, the main character, Finn, and his brother, Sean, both experience the same family life, but behave very differently. While Finn is a much more distracted individual, often referred to as “moonface” (p 1), Sean is a more responsible, parent-figure and in turn, loved by the people of Bone Gap. Additionally, the character, Roza, further contributes to this idea. Roza mysteriously appeared in the town and on top of that, she is Polish. Not only are many of the characters in the novel diverse, but also dynamic. As the characters experience changes throughout the story, the plot receives even more depth that creates a rollercoaster of events. For instance, the character, Petey, experiences a change of both attitude and perspective during the

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