Boo Radley Discrimination

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Everyone is born with a purpose, and some may be different than others. However in society, change is a negative thing. Those who are different are often tormented because of their appearance or personality. People with special needs breathe and feel things just like those who are born nondisabled. A random person may judge because there’s a sign of change in the environment, which creates a negative effect on those who are concluded. Differences shouldn’t modify the main qualities of a human just because of how others treat him or her. People with special needs are discriminated because of their lack of abilities, their label, and because of how they’re treated. There are various types of disabilities lie autism, Down syndrome, and…show more content…
Titles make identities in the eyes of this world. People should not be defined by stereotypes or rumors, but for whom they are inside. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Boo Radley is thought to be a monster, and is treated with low standards. He’s not considered equal to everyone else, which impacts his life in huge ways. The label lowers his expectations, which classifies him as someone who’s challenged. Jem says, “I think I’m beginning to understand why Boo Radley’s stayed shut up in the house all this time…it’s because he wants to stay inside” (Lee). This shows that just like Boo, many others feel the same way. This world is so similar to Maycomb because they judge and so do we. Scott Danforth said, “In my experience, the scariest thing about these labels is the way we create them and then run around pretending they are not humanly created/perpetuated. We treat them as if they are solid as a rock unchanging, unquestionable. We also pretend that everyone using a given label or term means the same thing, and inevitability in language use” (Danforth). No matter what circumstance, the label stays. That’s how people perceive this quote: to never change it, but to evolve it. Judgments are generated by feelings and opinions, not by true statements. Labels are identities that grow, but are never…show more content…
Treating someone differently because of his or her age, mental capacity, etc. is okay. However, behaving in an inappropriate way towards those with incapability is wrong. “Researchers discovered that students with disabilities were more worried about school safety and being injured or harassed by other peers compared to students without a disability” (Saylor and Leach). This shows discrimination in education. Think what this would be like to those publically. Some men and women don’t get the chance to fend for themselves! In To Kill a Mockingbird, Tom Robinson is accused guilty for abusing Mayella even though his left arm was cut off by a cotton gin. This shows discrimination and racism because the suspect was left handed in the incident, and Atticus says, “ The white man always wins” (Lee 224). Tom Robinson never had a chance because he was a different color than everyone else. It’s similar to those with that disadvantage. They also are the second hand population that isn’t always treated respectfully because of their appearance or
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