Book Of Ezekiel Analysis

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The book of Ezekiel reiterates a message that is clear from the beginning of the story of creation. Simply put, it is about God being the focal point and the source of all good rather than humanity. Often times while reading the scripture we tend to focus on the importance of humanity and foolishly put aside God himself! This message of forsaking God’s law and the pure simple message of his word naturally leads to the judgement of God. Ezekiel is ordained by God to speak to the Israelites and remind them of this fact. A few points that the book of Ezekiel focuses on is simply reminding the people who God is, the reason for their current status, and their possible future if they choose to partake in it by God’s grace. Through Ezekiel God is …show more content…

In order to build the people properly everything must be first destroyed. This is evident in that God first attempts to change their mindset by introducing himself as Elohim rather than Yahweh. While both titles apply to God, the former applies to God’s strength and being the universal deity. By beginning with this understanding, God is attempting to show the people that he is in full control and that as previously discussed he is the God of gods. While it is necessary for God to change the mindset of the people, it is also essential that he reminds the people who they are from a physical state. The people are no longer in their comfort zone, which is their own land where they were once prominent. This destruction to humility allows the people to realize that they are no better than the nations around them. Their goodness comes solely from learning and following God’s commandments. The closer they are to this state, the closer they are in their true identity. However when they lack this understanding, they become arrogant and forget about that their being is fully realized in God. This is why God knows that their destruction is necessary both from a mental and physical stand

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