Book Of Jeremiah Research Paper

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However, to embrace the exiles from Judah in their circumstances and reflect on the message of God spoken through the Prophet Jeremiah found in 29:10-14 one must know the circumstances that led up to the Babylonian destruction of Judah and the oppression of the kingdom’s people as exiles. One must know the destruction before one may see the grace of God bestowed upon the people in a message of renewal, restoration and salvation. Judah, the southern kingdom, came under threat from the Babylonians during the time of Jeremiah the Prophet which was from 628 until 586 B.C.E. Egypt had aided Judah during the first threat in 588 B.C.E. and Judah did not fall. However, during the second attack on Judah the monarchs were not able to defend Judah and…show more content…
In chapter 29, one hears Jeremiah say to accept servitude to the Babylonians. The Judeans have come under punishment from God for their sins. They have received the punishment due to them according to God and their lives it seems at this point are at the hands of their enemies the Babylonians even though their fate is in God’s hands. Jeremiah continues to speak out prophetically fighting against those who are false prophets who are intent on telling the people warm and fuzzy lies to cover up and deny the brokenness that has caused them to be in exile. God has spoken to Jeremiah of why Judah must be in exile, why Judah must come to terms with what has happened to them. Jeremiah knows God wants Judah to turn and repent for turning away from God but the people do not listen to Jeremiah. When the people finally listen to Jeremiah they are already in exile in Babylonia. Jeremiah must send letters to proclaim God’s Word to them. Jeremiah was one of those who were left behind in Judah. Jeremiah was left behind seeing the destruction of Jeremiah’s homeland first hand. Jeremiah has been deemed the ‘weeping prophet’ because of Jeremiah’s deep care and love for the people of Judah and for God. Jeremiah feels not only the grief God experiences for having to destroy the people but Jeremiah feels the grief of the people being destroyed. Jeremiah weeps in chapter 9 because Jeremiah knows what is coming. But on the other hand, Jeremiah wanted to see the truth of God’s reality come to fruition because Jeremiah knew of God’s great love for God’s people. The ethos Jeremiah uses in the prophetic word Jeremiah speaks is genuine and in no way false as the words of the false prophet, Hananiah when Hananiah spoke saying the exile would only last two years (Jer
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