Book Report On My College Career

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Let me start by saying that I’ve improved somewhat throughout this course in regards to my writing capabilities. Though these skills are not perfect by any standards, it’s with some pride that I can say that they’ve developed somewhat. Specifically speaking, the categorizing of information from various articles with attribution to them when they’re used has gone up significantly. There were many times along the way that I would use the author’s ideas without properly accrediting them. Finding the information and resources to best suit my arguments was not an issue; however, incorporating citations to give credit to them was an issue. This letter will be mainly focused on the first paper, the summary, as it was my weakest attempt at writing a college level paper.
Since the summary paper was the first paper I’ve written for my college career, I can firmly assert that it was the paper I was most confused on as to what was necessary to make it into a success. I felt as though I had managed to get many of the author’s views out into the open at the cost of some misinterpretation and unused in-text citation. McClelland’s ideas often mixed with my own, which served as a slippery slope to losing the context of who said what as you pointed out within the comments on the paper. A specific example would be in paragraph two of the unrevised paper 1. Another thing that ended up hindering my paper was the underdevelopment of some of the most important points to McClelland’s argument

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