Book Report : ' Satan Closed The Door '

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Satan closed the door to the dungeon behind him, ignoring the incessant, pleading screams of his youngest son. He walked with cold, calculated steps up the stairs to the less truthful, upper floors of the castle. Such a stunning palace, the epitome of beauty amongst the red wastes of his realm. Within the walls of the palace not a single speck of red could be found. Not one single flower, or fabric, or smudge of dirt. Even Iblis, the king of fire, who loved the color so, was not allowed it. Even his flames had been beaten into submission until they only burned a bright orange and a low yellow.

Satan hated the color red. Even after all these years. He only permitted it in blood.

He wiped the blood from his claws on his tunic, not caring if it looked uncouth, as he walked briskly down the hall. He had not yet decided how long he would leave Amaimon to the dungeons. In fact it was the last thing on his mind right now. He didn 't have time for such trivial matters, not when he could feel that familiar feeling crawling up his spine. Even after all these years.

Submission. Powerlessness.

So many years had passed...and yet, he was always there. He had warned him then, warned that theses shackles would never loosen, would never fade. He had sneered and said he was foolish to think they ever would. To think he would ever be free.

....he had been right...

Satan walked to his chambers, his pace quickening just a little bit. He needed council, and not the kind he got from the…

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