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For this reading assignment we were reading chapters 1, 2, and 3, I find it helpful to me to read, take notes on and write out summaries as if this was two books. I will start off each time with Wes the author. As the book open we have Wes remembering a day that he and his older sister Nikki, were playing a game. Wes caught her and not knowing what to do, punched her in the face. Joy, Wes’ mother was very upset because Wes had hit a “girl”, and set him to his room. Wes’ father calmed Joy down by saying that Wes didn 't know what punching a girl like that meant. Wes ' father came up to speak to Wes about his behavior, as he knocked on the door and entered he call Wes his Main Man. The author went on to say that the memory of his father named Westley speaking to him after he had punched his sister was only one of two memories he had of him. The other was him watching his dad die. Westley had not been feeling well, and eventually drove himself to the hospital. The hospital staff did not know what to make of his symptoms, so for his sore throat they numbed it for him to relieve the pain and sent him home to rest. Later he collapsed and passed away from an acute epiglottitis. His death affected his entire family.
Wes spoke about how his mother had emigrated to the U.S from Jamaica and had to learn how to fit in with the other kids and society. We were given history of her two husbands, Bill and Westley. She met Bill while attending an activist group on her college campus. That…

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