Book Review: Persepolis

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Written Task 2 – Question 1

Prescribed question:
1. How could the text be read and interpreted differently by two different readers?
Title of the text for analysis: Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi
Part of the course to which the task refers: Part 3: Literature – text and context
My critical response will:
• briefly outline the limitations and control of freedom during the revolution
• discuss the implementation of feminism on the Iranian women
• reflect on the effects and damages of the war
• consider two different interpretations from readers of different culture, Iran and Australia

Written Task 2
Persepolis is a graphic book illustrated and written in the basis of a revolutionary Iran wherein political control is taken into intense circumstances within freedom, feminism and culture.
The book is portrayed from
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Australia is a commonwealth country that builds to achieve relationships with other countries, so war would be of no interest but moreover, unfavorable to Australians.
From the interpretations of different cultures namely Iran and Australia, we are able to contrast and make a distinction between the two. Iranians are of a strict and restricted governing in comparison to Australia who are of equality and democracy.
In this case however, interpretations from a different culture of which have freedom and reserved rights, desires the same amongst others who lack or deprive. With such surreal stories and harsh realities of Iranian life during the revolution, it is not hard to feel anger at those who create these limitations in freedom, who implements feminism, and who encourages war, or even to feel sorrow for those who have to abide and live by these circumstances.
Therefore, we can conclude that Persepolis could be read and interpreted differently depending on the reader’s beliefs and culture as we are all from different backgrounds and
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