Chapter 4 Persepolis

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Persepolis is Marjane Satrapi’s memoir of growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. Marji came from a family in which her parents were thought of being progressive and knew more about the views on government. During the Revolution in Iran, there were many impactful events that were going on. There were many changes in the way that the government was working, and life in Iran at this time was very difficult because there was changes being made all the time and most of the time there were more and more restrictions going on. Also, many people would do demonstrations in public places and that is when things would get out of hand because many people wanted to stand up for their beliefs and government officials would not be ok with them …show more content…

Chapter 4 “Persepolis”There was many restrictions from the government that only made people even more upset because they were being restricted things that would make them more happy in such difficult times. Something that this chapter reveals about the life in Iran is that there were many things that people were not allowed to do, and violence would be used against them. Many people like Marji’s father would take pictures of the demonstrations to see how they were going. “My father had gone to take some photos of the demonstration but this time he was very late… he took photos every day, it was strictly forbidden. He had been arrested once but escaped at last minute” (Satrapi 29). This scene is significant because, it shows that their government was mostly based off restrictions and what people should do and not do, having a certain type of expectation. Even though people were highly abused by the police, when caught doing things like taking pictures, the people would still take the risk and did what they thought was best for themselves, at this point people were starting to not take it anymore and did what they

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