Book Review : ' The Right Thing '

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“Hey, Sal, how come they ain’t no brothas on the wall?” (Do the Right Thing) was the question by Buggin Out that began and instigated the conflict that occurred on the hottest day of the summer in a local Brooklyn pizzeria. Sal Fragione is the owner of the 25 year old pizzeria in a majorly African-American neighborhood. The plot follows and revolves around Sal because of his role in “instigating” the antagonist (Buggin Out), supporting the protagonist (Mookie) with a job, delivering advice to his son, speaking and helping all of the other supporting characters. With the issue of the Wall of Fame, Sal believed that he had the right to choose which individuals appeared on his Wall of Fame in his pizzeria; all Italian Americans. Buggin Out attempts to rally people on the block to boycott Sal’s Pizzeria because of his single-race Wall of Fame. But, almost everyone refuses to boycott because Sal has supported, fed and cared for them over the years. In a last stitch effort, Buggin Out finds two individuals, Radio Raheem and Smiley, who agree to boycott Sal’s. In the film, Do the Right Thing, racial slurs, derogatory innuendos and insults are the norm between all of the individuals, specifically different races, that reside on this Brooklyn block and nothing comes of it. However, conflict ensues when Sal is pushed to the brink by Buggin Out and Radio Raheem. During the surprising violent conflict, there became to be a division of races which ended in a fatality, serious…

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