Book Review of 'From the Tropics to the Arctic'

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Department of the Army B Company, 442nd Signal Battalion Fort Gordon, Georgia 30905 ATZH-LCB-B February 23, 2012 Memorandum for School of Information Technology, WOBC XXX-XX Subject: Book Review on From the Tropics to the Arctic The United States Army Signal Corps was established in 1860 and was the creation of Army Major General Albert Meyer. The Corps itself has played a major role in the United States military since the Civil War and has had the initial responsibility for a vast amount of technologies that have changed over the course of the years that are now managed by other military organizations: intelligence, weather forecasting, some logistics, and even aviation. However, it was the early years of organization, training, and operations, 1891-98, that really set the tone from the organization and the manner in which the Signal Corps would step up to become a driving force in what would become a first-rate global military organization. The evolution of the field of communications cannot be separated from the evolution of the Army Signal Corps. In May, 1892, for instance, the Signal Corps constructed a field telegraph line, a new event for the U.S. even though European armies had used the technology for decades. This was followed by a number of technological changes that required more funding, more attention from Congress, and more of a focus on what the Signal Corps could do to engender the nation's coastal defenses. Prior to the advent of the aviation
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