Book Review of Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War'

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Summary Translated by Samuel B. Griffith, The Art of War is a timeless classic on military strategy. Over time, the book has been used as a point of reference by military strategists, chiefs of corporations, and business executives. To win in any undertaking, be it in business or warfare, one should be an excellent planner. In addition to understanding the weaknesses as well as strengths of the enemy (or competitor), one should also be able to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the environment. This way, it becomes easy to develop an effective strategy to enhance victory. Environment in this case could be taken to represent either the battlefield or the business environment. The Art of War offers a comprehensive (and exciting) analysis of tactical maneuvering, the utilization of force, siege planning, conflict management, etc.

Context Sun Tzu, the original author of this military classic, was a strategist and military general. Nobody could have been better placed to write a text on military strategy. It is however important to note that given the time the text was written (approximately 2000 years ago), not much is known about the original author. Many however believe that the book must have been written during the Warring States Period. Given that this was the period in which many brutal wars were…
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