Booker's Character Analysis

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When Booker arrived back at Tom’s apartment, he was surprised to find the young officer still dressed in a pair of boxers, the only addition to his attire, a pale blue blanket draped over his shoulders. The soft woolen rug conveniently hid the scars on his arms, but it somehow added to the helplessness of his already forlorn persona. Upon closer scrutiny, Booker noticed how incredibly tired his friend looked. The overhead light accentuated the black smudges under his eyes, and stress lines creased his forehead, marring his usually smooth complexion. A shiver of guilt ran down the dark-haired officer’s spine. No matter how he tried to rationalize it to himself, he had abandoned Tom in his hour of need. However, he also felt somewhat justified in doing so. But whether Tom would see it that way remained to be seen, all he could do was try to explain his…show more content…
He had the uncomfortable feeling in his gut that Booker had not revealed the whole truth, and he wondered if his friend had omitted certain pieces of information to protect himself. Immediately, his analytical skills kicked in, and he carefully began to deconstruct the story as told to him. According to the dark-haired officer, he had coerced Harold into finding out the Keymaster’s identity, and he had paid the man (Ingram Holland) a surprise visit. The real estate tycoon had promised him the tapes in return for his company. Apparently, he had led Booker to believe he was lonely, and in need of some companionship. However, once settled inside the secluded mansion, Booker soon realized the man was sexually abusing his young pool boy. It was then he had formed an emotional attachment to the young man, and when he had offered him comfort, their innocent friendship had manifested into a sexual relationship. Therefore, once he had fulfilled his contract with Holland, he had little choice but to offer Jorge refuge, and the rest—as was so often quoted—was
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