Books Should Not Be Taught In Schools Essay

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here’s a decision to make, and you and your other classmates know just what to choose. Your teacher wants to have the class decide whether the teacher or the students get to choose the books to read throughout the year. Of course, students would want to choose the books they read, but teachers should choose the books because it would follow the guidelines, they will be appropriate, and they aren’t already read by the students.
Although it would be fun for the students to choose the books, when teachers choose the books, it would be more effective in following the reading guidelines. First, students would want to choose simple books that don’t follow them. They may think that the books teachers choose are difficult to understand and tedious to read, but teachers know what the students need to learn throughout the year. Also, if the students choose the books, the teachers might not have read them yet. It makes it harder for teachers to explain the book and its components because they haven’t studied it as much
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The fact that they will be reading from a variety of genres, will open their minds to different topics that they may want to learn more about. It could motivate them to read more books, which would expand their knowledge and understanding of books. As Dr. Seuss once wrote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.” If most students haven’t read the book the teacher chose, there won’t be a disadvantage between the people who read the book and those who haven’t, and spoiler alerts won’t be necessary. Everyone knows that pesky kid that spoils a movie for the whole class, and no one wants them to spoil the book for them. Moreover, they will be at the same level of understanding since they are all reading the book for the first time, which is
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