Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder

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“ EVALUATION OF BOROPLUS PRICKLY HEAT POWDER WITH RESPECT TO THE 4 P’s MARKETING MIX ” AT EMAMI LTD 1 Contents • Chater-1 Introduction       Introduction of the Study Need of the Study Objectives of the Study Research Methodology Presentation of the study Limitations • Chapter-2 FMCG Industry & Emami Ltd profile       Overview of FMCG Sector in India Outlook of Emami Ltd Profile Emami Vision & Mission Emami Corporate Values & Objectives Emami Beauty Products Emami Distribution Network • Chapter-3 Marketing Mix  07 – 20 21 - 46 47 - 52 A Conceptual Framework of Marketing Mix 2 • Chapter-4 Field Study and Analysis 53 - 64  Percentage …show more content…

Boroplus french lavender prickly heat powder: Boroplus php with the exotic fragrance of french lavender. Boroplus french herbal prickly heat powder: Boroplus php with the fragrance inspired from exotic french herbs. 7 Available sizes: 50 gm & 150gm packs for all the variants. Product benefits: Boroplus prickly heat powder provides quick & long lasting relief from prickly heat. It prevents skin problems like heat rash, burning sensation, athlete`s foot, dhobi itch and other minor skin infections. It is excellent in absorbing sweat & prevents body odour to keep you fresh, all day long. A completely herbal formulation, boroplus prickly heat powder has no harmful effects on skin. 8 PRICKLY HEAT POWDER Prickly heat is a extremely itchy red skin rash, cause a prickling or on fire feeling. It is medically known as miliaria. It may occur at what time you sweat a lot in hot or humid weather. Dead skin cells and bacteria chunk the sweat glands. The skin become inflamed with a mottled rash that may blister. Prickly heat more often than not starts approximately the neck. If it is bad, it can spread down onto the chest and back and up approximately the ears and face, but it hardly ever bothers a baby. Summer is meant for holiday throughout the world. It is the time to take pleasure in the sunny days calming the body and mind. But temperate

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