Boston University Admission Essay Sample

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My decision to apply to the Masters of Medical Sciences program at the Boston University is the most important one ever since I made the decision to pursue medicine as my future career. As a former lab manager who conducted various research on cell biology, I have learned that research alone wasn’t able to satisfy my desire to develop relationships with the individuals that I help. After learning about the program, its curriculum, and its countless extracurricular opportunities, I believe this Masters program will be my stepping stone to medical school. I want to become a healthcare practitioner that can provide and engage in up-to-date research as a means of broadening options for patients. I had an opportunity as a lab manager to meet a MD PhD student who entered her program to become a doctor who can provide the best care using current knowledge and contribute to the knowledge by engaging in research. Her example has inspired me to take steps toward becoming a physician who constantly strives for better patient care. I wish to bring my passion as a lifelong learner and my experiences from working in academic labs to BU MAMS and further improve my ability to critically evaluate biomedical literature and engage in the numerous research opportunities that are available.…show more content…
I wish to use my experience as a volunteer and intern at the Orange County Rape Crisis Center and the Helping Hand, a non-profit organization that serves the needs of family caregivers, to serve in the many community service opportunities available in the Boston. These experiences taught me the importance of compassion and sensitivity to the needs of
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