Bottled Water Recoomendation

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Dee your discussions was very informative and also an eye opener. I am amazed of the amount of money that people spend on drinking water. Some people view bottle water as being convenient and superior to tap water, however views have been changing since the number of incidents on water quality has been rising. A study was done in Cleveland, Ohio on the amount of fluoride that was in the state’s tap water verses bottle water. The study showed that the bottle water had five percent of the state’s required recoomendations for fluoride. However, the same study showed that the states’s tap water resulted in 100 percent of the states required recommendations ( In addition, to the fluoride …show more content…

As I continued my research, I came across another point of interest regarding tap water veruses bottle water. Most bottled water companies will use the same purification method that states use with some exceptions. Some bottle water companies will use excessive filtration along with ozonation to purify the water befor it is bottled. However, neither one of these processes make bottled water better for a person to drink. The excessive filtration measures will make the bottled water unhealthy to drink because it is inclined to cause the water to become acidic. Beside some bottled water being acidic they lack minerals such as electrolytes that are healthy for people. The majority of bottled water that were evaluated provided a high acidic pH level. Individuals that consume beverages and foods that are acidic are at risk for their teeth to decay and erode as per the American Dental Hygienists Association study ( Although bottle water is convientent, people may want to re-evaluate the benefits that battle water offers as opposed to tap water which appears to be healthier and it’s free. Antoinette

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